Wifi Mapping Website

I created an interactive website in which visualizes the internet speeds among all of NYU’s 15 global campuses, allowing users to see this data portrayed in a way that hasn’t been expressed before. Over each portal campus, I’ve displayed the average internet speed through visually appealing colors, as well as icons representing each location’s educational focus. I created the website in a way that allows it to act as an interactive map, in which users can navigate through to explore each of NYU’s portal cities. I included minimal text, as I hope for viewers to truly analyze the data rather than being distracted by excess content. I discovered Mapbox, which provides map services with fully customizable styling options through HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Mapbox is used by companies such as Snapchat, Facebook, Lonely Planet, and the United States Military. Mapbox allowed me to fully customize the styling and aesthetics of my website through there online styling studio. I also utilized Natural Earth, which is a free-use dataset website open to the public, containing geographical data. With Natural Earth, I was able to receive the geographical coordinates to each NYU Site’s corresponding city, and have it projected within my Mapbox designed map. At each location, blue circles grow around the NYU location, with each increasing ring representing an increase in the average wifi of that city. I individually collected the average wifi speed for each city, with Shanghai holding the fastest wifi at 39 Mpbs, and Accra, Ghana, having the slowest at 13 Mpbs. As shown on the website, Shanghai contains multiple rings linearly increasing in size around the city, while Accra contains only one wifi ring. 

Played in 2x speed

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