Interactive NFT EmotionEcho

Currently developing an interactive NFT that generatively grows based on real-time Twitter posts. I am still in the prototyping face and finalizing the design. My developing tools include the Processing library and Chainlink oracles within my smart contract. I intend to deploy my NFT to the Ethereum blockchain through within the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates. Below are animations of two separate prototypes, with each object representing a single tweet and its sentiment.

I have made significant changes to the virutal astheitcs and the most recent updates can found on the @EmotionEcho twitter account below. Here is a brief description of the current version:

@EmotionEcho is an interactive system that expresses the sentiment of Twitter posts artistically, allowing viewers to experience the emotions of real-time tweets and explore the tone of Twitter trends. Incoming tweets are reflected through a corresponding stroke on the virtual canvas, with its tone being represented by its shade of color. When a keyword is entered, such as a #hashtag or @username, strokes emerge from the center of the canvas for each tweet containing the keyword. With 500 million tweets per day on average, there are always active conversations and debates ready to be expressed. Alternatively, you can tweet directly to @EmotionEcho and create an artwork of your own.

EmotionEcho v1 (Off-Chain)

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